Sunday, August 02, 2009

Goin' To The Fair

Linda and I went to the Chesterton, Indiana Art Fair yesterday and as is usually the case, the show was fantastic. I need to take pictures of some of the stuff I bought but haven't yet. Plus, some of my purchases are gifts and their may be one for you!!!!!
One artist we really loved (and I could kick myself for not getting his name) did this rusting yard art and it was very different that the typical ones I have seen.
Believe me, these pictures do not do them justice. These are stick figure people with arms up shouting to the heavens. You can purchase these individually and them arrange as many or as
few as you like. Same with these very lyrical leaves on curvy limbs. I like the concept that you can arrange to your liking rather than someone else's.
There were all sorts and sizes of spheres. I am pretty yard art full but you may not be. You can still make it to the fair. It's also opened today. Get Going!!!


Ellen in MD said...

I saw your quilt at Quilt Odyssey yesterday! I was happy to tell my buddy that "I follow her blog".

Anonymous said...

I saw your quilt in a quilt show in PA and it was spectacular. Very simple but because of that, it was perfection. I love the way you quilt. Wendy

Betty in VA said...

Great seeing your quilt yesterday at Hershey and sent you some pictures.

dee said...

I can't believe I didn't go to Hershey this year and get to see the quilt in person...dang.
Love that yard art. I really like the way the rusted metal stuff looks. There's a lady that lives near me who has some yard sculpture and now she's attached blue bottles to the work. It's so great looking. Like strange blue flowers. Really lovely.