Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Tomato Two Tomato

These are our first two ripe tomatoes to come out of our garden this year. They seem to be almost perfect. I am thinking - grilled cheese and tomato panini. Yum.

I have satellite radio in my car and I always listen to Martha Stewart radio when I am by myself driving . It's amazing how much you can learn with just being in the car for short spans of time. The latest thing I learned was how to grow your own tomatoes from a favorite tomato that you eat. You cut the tomato in half and take a paper towel and wipe the cut side of the tomato. There will be a smear of seeds. You leave it out for a day until it dries and then bag it and freeze it. Oh, and label it too.

Next growing season, take it out and scrape the seeds off the towel and plant them in a pot. Can you believe it's that easy? I am gonna try it with some heirloom tomatoes and see if it works for me. You do it too and we can compare next year. Gordon thinks it is too much trouble and he likes the already started tomatoes. Therefore, I am challenging him to a tomato duel next season. This should be interesting.


Melody Johnson said...

You could start yours in Florida and bring them back with you in the Spring. That way you both have a head start.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're ready for a showdown to me!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I'm predicting Gordon will win!
I hear a bookie in Vegas is giving Gordon 25-1 odds to win!

Kathie said...

hey I am routing for you!
I bet yours taste better too!
keep us posted