Friday, August 07, 2009

Other Fun Stuff and Vegas

Here's some fun stuff from the Six Hole Guest day. I had a riot making coasters for the bar of things that are black and white. I am sure there are more but this is what I came up with. If you look closely, you can see Bella. Hey, white dog, black eyes, nose and collar. Who can argue with that?
I made little penguins (stole the idea from Once Upon A Plate). They start with a slice of carrot and then you cut out a little wedge to make the feet and the beak .
Next comes a colossal black olive that you cut out a section of from top to bottom; just a bit for the tux look. You fill the olive with cream cheese.
Then comes the head that is made of a small black olive that you put the carrot wedge from the feet in the factory made hole in the olive.
A toothpick goes through the head and through the body and into the feet. Here they all are standing at attention, waiting for their curtain call.
At the bar for dinner I made this iceberg out of different sized cake pans that I froze water in and then stacked up. They were as cute as can be.

For the goodie bags I found these little tux boxes. Inside I put a combo of black and white M&M's, licorice, coconut and french vanilla jelly bellys and little black and white penguin gummy's.
In reality tho', the gummy's were more purple-y than black.
The boxes got filled with the sweet mix and they too, stood at attention waiting for their fifteen minutes of fame.
The dining room was decorated with black and white accessories.
The white elephant table was bursting at the seams waiting for the games to begin.
Even the food was color coordinated. We started with black and white pizza's (black mushrooms and olives and white cheese). This picture is of the main course that consisted of jicama and black bean salad, white Idaho smashed potatoes, a blackened tenderloin and white mushrooms. Dessert was a black cow with Oreos.
This was a picture of some of the brides. There were a lot more but trying to corral a newlywed was easier said than done.

I am heading to Vegas this morning to celebrate my god daughter Katie's 21st birthday. We will be joined with my other niece (Sarah, Katie's big sis) and my friend Nancy from California is literally joining us at the Vegas airport because our planes land within minutes of each other. Hey !!!! Vegas Baby!!!!!


BethB said...

How you have time to blog amazes me with all the party stuff you do! Those penguins out of olives, carrots, etc., are so cute but WAY too much work for me--and you made about a million of them! We'll be waiting to hear "What happens in Vegas..."

Cindra said...

I love!!!! the Penguins! You are so creative and FUN!!!
Have a great time in Vegas!

dee said...

So cute. Have fun in Vegas.

Robbie Payne said...

OK, The Material Girl needs a new gig! Your own TV show! You are waaaayyyyyy to clever!