Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Quilt To Share

Do you remember this post in January? Well, check out the completion of the Quilted Tree. It's pretty spectacular.

When I went to the Chesterton Art Fair I came upon a very interesting idea.
It was a quilt that people could virtually sew buttons on and it was to raise money. I loved the
concept. It was dangling on a frame and held in place with big binder clips you'd use in an office. The quilt was roughly 36" by 42" (totally guessing).
These were the buttons that I sewed on. Pretty darn talented, no? The problem with the setup was that it was easy enough to get the buttons sewn close to the edges but much into the center of the quilt was next to impossible. And even at the edges, it was very difficult to tie off. I like the idea of this; maybe have a quilt top and have permanent markers for the people to add some embellishment as a fund raiser. Sell raffle tickets for the completed quilt, after it was quilted and finished. I have to give it a bit more thought.

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