Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shanghai Is The Bomb

I left Shanghai for a 3:55p.m. flight but it was delayed until 6:55p.m. We (Jayne and I) almost missed our flight because of three golf clubs. I was literally the last call for the 14 hour flight. The doors were closing. We got on, we taxied and went up in the air and all was well. I am home, but while I was on the hour and a half drive from the airport with my G and B, I remembered. When we went through customs to meet our beloved's, there were no clubs. I called Jayne, after being on the road home for more than an hour, and she informed me that yes indeed, she forgot the clubs until her beloved mentioned, 'Hey, did you get me those wedges?'

Jayne had to go back out of security and wait until every person left the plane, (and that was a
lot considering the flight was three hours delayed and everyone missed their connections and had to be put up in a hotel) but she got her clubs (3) and we got home. Already miss Sus and Jayne and my guy Shane and my perky gal Reese. I miss you guys already and you aren't even got
on the school bus yet!!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you're home safely and had a wonderful time. Sure missed keeping up via blog! Can't wait for the full story sometime soon.

Irene said...

Welcome home - you were missed in Blogland too. Anxiously waiting to see all your pictures.