Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shanghai Or Bust

Here we have my brother Dan and his sweet spouse Dori. I wish I had them closer together but I was afraid that they wouldn't pose early in the morning so I surprised them with I 'hey, look here'. Their offspring was still catching some last minute sleep.

I realized that my basil, which I planted a lot of this year, was ready to be harvested and waiting until my return from China was not even an option. Pesto needed fresh and lively basil, not shriveled up, past it's prime leaves.
Picked and cleaned, my basil is ready for the food processor. I am glad I got that out of the way.

As my 14 hour flight looms closer, I am finding out all sorts of information. This first little tidbit came from my guy Frank in California. He knows that peaches are my very favorite fruit, once you take the fuzz off. Did you know that all you have to do is hold your peach under running water and rub it and the fuzz goes away?

The Best Peach on Earth

Tasting some of the world's most delicious fruit requires a flight across the Pacific

Yangshan, China

Stan Sesser/The Wall Street Journal
China’s water honey peaches

This little town, a 90-minute train ride west of Shanghai, is a world away from Georgia. There's no Peachtree Street, no peach pie, no peach ice cream. About all Yangshan has are the juiciest, most delicious peaches on earth.

In 10,000 orchards, ranging from the backyards of homes to substantial farms, Yangshan's trees are now groaning with a bumper crop of shui mi tao, "water honey peaches." Big, soft and white-fleshed, they must be tasted to be believed; in this peach lover's estimation, nothing from Georgia or California comes close. They are best eaten over a sink, to avoid showering the floor with peach juice.

I will definitely check this out. Thanks Frank.

Luggage is a big issue in this trip. Not necessarily what we are taking; it's what I wanna bring back that is the question. We can take 2- 50 lb. suitcases. How much does fabric weigh? Ha ha. Jayne, my China companion has a bunch of stuff to take to her daughter and grand kids so she will easily have room to spare in case she wants to make purchases. Chocolate chips are one of the things that are being transported. Ya can't get them there. Some mention of American Girl doll stuff was also made.

With two days of work on it, my techno savvy guy Jim seems to have solved the issue of blogging in China. I have it working here in Indiana so time will tell if it will work there. I hope so.

Susie, the daughter we are leaching off of in China has already purchased us local cell phones (I am guessing they are the throw away kind) so that we can be confident of reaching each other should we get separated. What an adventure. I am staying at a hotel down the block from Susie's house so keeping in contact is mostly not a problem, that is, unless I wonder off. I have decided to not stay at Susie's house although the invite was sincere. With two kids under five and just being in a foreign country makes we a little tense. I am not used to being around little ones for any length of time although they do start all day pre school the day we arrive. How's that for timing? There is a comfort level that staying at a hotel affords me. Jayne can always come for a visit in my room if she needs a grandma break. I am thinking that there won't be a lot of time for sittin' around anyway!!

Thank goodness Jayne is reading all the important stuff while I am checking out the shopping and where to get the best knock offs, because she told me we need copies of our visa to keep at the hotel and elsewhere because we have to have our passport (visa is inside it) with us at all times.

Today, I am working at an art fair with my friend Micky and then I will pack. I am pretty pumped.


BethB said...

I envy you the chance to try those peaches! What is it with people and peach fuzz?? I love the feel of it, but my hubby and one of my friends won't even touch a peach until after it's peeled!

Cindra said...

Oh, I am so excited for you it's like I was going too! Can't wait to hear your stories... and see pictures!!!!

maggie z. said...

i know you're going to come back with FULL suitcases and lots of stories! have a wonderful and safe trip..

maggie z. said...

i know you're going to come back with FULL suitcases and lots of stories! have a wonderful and safe trip..