Saturday, August 01, 2009

Techno Savvy

You know that I love a little controversy but Yowsa !!!! Health care seems to rile some of you. Hey, this is not a soap box. I am the least political person I have ever known so if you think for one nano that you are gonna get my goat, you may as well look elsewhere. But at the same time, this is MY BLOG and if you don't like it or the fact that I have my opinions and I am a Republican, DON'T READ IT!!!! It's a blog written by an AARP card older, who sews and cooks, not the Wall Street Journal. Get a life. But all the same, thanks all you guys who agree with me. I just love that although that may not be the best compliment. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Last night Micky and I were at a rooftop restaurant. The guys were meeting us after they did their man things (G was finishing up a golf game and Joe was, just like the little dutch boy, was plugging a leak). It was a beautiful night and this was the first time we have done the chill out and watch the sunset this summer. The place was packed when we arrived and it was early (6:30) and we did that on purpose to get a spot to anchor. Well, somebody told somebody because we were a good hour late to get a seat. Anyway, we waited (hovered) until a bar stool cleared and we nabbed it waiting for our name to be called in 45 minutes. It was time to take out the iPhones and check out the Apps we both had. One thing led to another and Micky taught me to text (how simple is that?) and I showed her how to
put a photo into her contacts. Here is the picture I took of her just then. Being a business woman dealing with the public, she is always on the phone, hence the appropriate pic. I have already tried out my texting skills on her this morning and I have already gotten praise (Yeah!) from my teacher for my quick mastery of the skill. And who said, texting was just for kids!!!

One thing I need to master also is the size of the font in yesterday's blog entry. I cut and pasted part of it and then added my two cents and my two cents globbed onto the email font and I kinda like the fact that we ( or rather YOU) don't have to put on glasses to read the big words. That is my goal- to get a bigger font. I also noticed that the word meds was highlighted in yesterday's blog and I have no clue as to why. Every day, if it's not one thing, it's another!!


Irene said...

It never ceases to amaze me when all these brave "anonymous" commenters start ranting about something they don't agree with and tell you they are sick of reading your blog. If they are so sick of it, why do they continue to read it? I'm not a political animal either (I much prefer the four legged furry kind) and since I'm Canadian the U.S. politics are of even less interest, but I love your blog and you usually manage to bring a smile to my face every morning. Keep on keeping on Tommy!

pam in sw Florida said...

I, too , do not wish politics to enter my life,especially my quilting life.
Tommy is a fine person , a bright person in spite of her self deprecating manner, and a friend with whom I have shared laughs.
I look forward to her return to Florida.

I read her blog because I want to