Saturday, August 08, 2009

What Happens And All That

Here's my pal Nancy, from California. She is posing in front of a restaurant that she wanted to have dinner in last night.
This is the name of the restaurant. I have never heard of him. It is in the Caesars complex.
Our timing is not so good. It is closed as you can see. It reopens on the 12th which is the same day that Bette Midler returns. Unfortunately, we leave on the 11th. The birthday girl is still in the sack. She was up to bring in the 21st year of her life at midnight. My plans were to join her but that so never happened. I was tired. I will get a picture of the birthday girl today.

My daughter Maggie had dinner at the Mesa a couple nights ago and got violently sick with food poisioning. She was out here with her husband to celebrate their birthdays, that are one day apart. I steered clear of Bobby Flay's joint this visit.
Our on our walk this morning I saw this Coke ad and loved it so I am sharing it with you.
Look at this cool building that isn't completed yet that is part of the new City Center. It had Louis Viutton insignia.
These two Armani Emporium windows are very cool and I just had
to take a picture.
This is a store in Caesar's that has Shanghai in the logo and since I am going there in eight days, I thought it was timely. More later.

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