Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's Going On

Okay, here's the skinny. I feel the need to explain a couple things due to the amount of email I have received in the last couple of days. But, before I do that, what's up with Billy Mays and cocaine in his system? That was quite surprising.

This is Jayne, my friend of 40 years or so. She was here last week to honor me as my guest for our famed Six Hole Guest Day. It just so happened that last Sunday night she called her daughter, Susie, and I chatted with her.

The couple on the left is daughter Susie and her hubby, Joe and the rest of Jayne's family; Jayson and his fiance Tina, hubby Rich and daughter Sara and her husband Fred at our Maggie's wedding.

Anyway, in May Susie, Joe and their two little kids moved to Shanghai for three years. On the phone Susie asked me why I was not coming with her mom to visit. My answer was that she didn't ask me. So, that is how it came about that I am going to Shanghai for two weeks. It's happened so fast that I am not even registering it yet.

It is just a conscience that my other girlfriend is having a golf shoe prototyped in China. We looked into visiting the sight where the shoe is being made but it's kinda like here, someone could be visiting Chicago and want to look up a friend in California. It's not next door. In fact, I think there is a two hour time change between where I will be and where the shoe process is.

The new picture? It was playing around in the bathroom in Vegas in my pj's with Nancy, trying to get a reflection off the mirror. Didn't work but I got a charming picture of myself out of the attempt.

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