Wednesday, September 23, 2009

China Girl 11 - Olympic Green

When I was in Beijing I went to see the Olympic Village (Green). We were mostly in a car because it was spread out so lots of the pictures I took of various buildings have trees and light posts and wires in the way. Plus, there are only a couple of buildings that I really was interested in.
This is a hotel and what will soon be retail shopping in the form of a dragon. It was very overcast and the pollution is so bad that clear pictures are virtually impossible except on the brightest days. Did you know that they (Chinese powers that be) moved all manufacturing in and around Beijing out in the country so that the pollution would not be as bad for the Olympics? It's commonly known and our guide said that they did not move back and are permanently in the hinder land.
I'm a sucker for a sign.
This is the stadium where all the swimming and water activities took place. It's called the Water Cube and it has a
cover of bubble wrap (vinyl) all over the outside. The cube absorbs solar radiation and reduces thermal loss. It is supposed to use natural ventilation, insuring temperature and humidity control in different sections of the swimming pool.

The Bird's Nest was the most interesting of all. I can remember the opening ceremony and how awestruck I was at the sight of the building.
It appears to be much more complicated in person.
One thing that really was noticeable was how dirty the building was. The pollution makes everything dirty. It was still pretty awesome; clean or dirty.

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