Sunday, September 27, 2009

China Girl 13 - Miscellaneous China Stuff

Are you tiring of China yet? We got our books back we made on the Mac. I haven't seen them yet because we sent them to Jayne's house so she could have hers for her son's wedding next weekend. She said they were beautiful; like National Geographic. I can't wait to see them. We composed the books last Friday and got them completely bound and beautiful in one week. That, in itself is worth learning a Mac, but I heard that Shutterfly on line is very good too. Anyway, here's some stuff that I liked in China.
This little panda bear thingy is what we got our bill clipped on in a restaurant. How cute is that?
It is totally amazing what these people can get on their little bikes and motor bikes. And to think that I can't get my purchases to the car from Target without assistance. Maybe I am buying too much?
This is one of the many compounds in Shanghai where people live. We call them gated communities here. Not only are some gated but they also have Constantino wire, electrical wiring (like this one) and glass chard's in places. Notice the cutouts in this fence and then check out the bottom to see the glass. Wow, some security system.
This guy is thinkin', is that my bag? It sure looks like my bag but what's it doin' down there?
This is a three wheel gypsy cab. They are illegal (or so I was told) because they are very dangerous but they are all over Beijing and in Shanghai to a lesser extent. I guess they are much cheaper than a regular cab but you probably have to be careful not to shift your weight or whoa, you could go topsy tervy.
You may have to click on this to get the full extent of the wire this guy has on hand to fix whatever he think needs to be fixed. I would hate to be the one that has to get the tangles out.
I heard about these squat toilets and was in China a week before I came across one. It's like a toilet but without any height. The trouble with them is splashing. We Westerners aren't good squatters like the Asians. I gave it a try and remained unspoiled but I could see that if I really have to go; where I am stripping on the way to the john, I probably wouldn't be as successful.

There are signs on the doors to let you know what you are getting yourself into.
This amazing water garden is composed of lotus flowers. This is the first time I have seen them in a natural habitat.
They are seen all over China in floral arrangements. Until I saw this, I didn't realize that the
seed pods are lotus. I have seen them brown in dried arrangements and green in lots of fresh arrangements but never made the connection.

This type of homemade broom is used by everyone throughout China. They even use them on lawns to sweep away any imperfections in the lawn whereas here in the States, we use the leaf blowers. So much for going green.
We didn't get this fashion craze at all. I don't think this will ever cut it over here. It reminds
me of my fat grandmother who had stockings on with sensible shoes and had them rolled down to the height of knee socks. I remember her sitting in our living room chair when I was a kid and she was about as wide as she was tall (4 foot something) and her little fat legs just stuck straight out, not bending at the knee like normal. I haven't thought about that in forever!!!


Renee said...

OK Tommy, I am in Geneve, Switzerland and spent the day in a boarder village called Yvoire, France. They had "squatter" toilets too!!! I can't imagine how you managed without spoiling yourself. I had on long pants, took one look and walked out!

Cosmos said...

Is it possible the socks with the sandals is more to keep the feet clean than a fashion statement? It looks like the city is dirty, and it would be hard to keep your feet somewhat clean while wearing sandals.