Tuesday, September 29, 2009

China Girl 14 - McDonalds

It's such an odd mix to see such quaint and almost barbaric ways in China yet right around the corner
Mickey Dee's is there. They have McDonald's in the grocery store just like we have some in the Walmart's here in the states. But what China does have that we haven't even dreamed of is the
fact that McDonald's delivers. Yep, within minutes from making the call, you can have your order
at your door. Here is the delivery guy. I think that at the time, no one really wanted McDonald's but I promised someone (if I couldn't even remember who, why do I bother?) I would try and compare and so I did.
Reese is checking for grease on the bag (none) and mom Susie is making sure the order is complete and looking ever so lovely while paying the guy. Oh, did I tell you there's no tipping in China? If I already said it fifteen times I am sorry. I had a hard time with not tipping; me being an old waitress for so many years. It seems as tho' it's an insult to the Chinese. All places western got around that tho'; there is a service charge of 15 to 20% added to everything.
And there's my Jayne making sure the guy gets out of the neighborhood safely. Delivery of fast food. Who knew?
To me there is no difference in taste at all. If I closed my eyes I would be in the drive thru in Hammond, Indiana, on the way back from Chicago in the Taurus.


dee said...

I'm really hapy they don't deliver since it removes one more access to junk for me. Now and then I get a real craving for a cheeseburger and Roger loves the thick shakes. Having to get in the car to get them is enough to keep us from indulging. Oh crap! now I want one.

spikemuffin said...

You forgot to mention the ketchup on the dashboard to dip the fries in as you drive. And they worry about text messaging....