Friday, September 11, 2009

China Girl 6 - Chinese Laundry

The Barsi Boys (and their girls) are coming for the weekend. They are the couples that we always do the Barsi Olympics with every summer. Barsi is the street where G and his cronies lived at college where we all met. We have been together since 1970, through thick and thin and a couple a wives. Like it's counterpart, the Barsi Olympics will not be held every year. We only have the weekend this year due to all the kids getting married and grand babies and just life throwing us a curve ball every time we try to pick a four or five day span when they can all get together. One of the Barsi Boys lives in California and so we don't see them as much as we would like. I have no plans made other than games and beach and maybe a little gambling. We will go with the flow. Oh, and everybody brings stuff to eat; whatever they want. That way, I am not in the kitchen the whole weekend. Not that I mind that much!!!

I am getting caught up on shows that started when I was away. Project Runway and Top Chef and Mad Men. And rumor has it that Biggest Loser starts up again next week. Cool.Laundry in China is very very visible. You see it everywhere; in stores, randomly in an alley, in a vacant store, whatever. Here is a girl doing her wash in front of a market on a busy street.
It seems like most of the apartment and condos have these expandable racks outside their windows to hang the clothing.
Where ever there is a place to hang it, you will see clothing.
There is so much laundry outside, I have to wonder what is in their drawers and closets. I am guessing that the average Joe in China doesn't have a dryer. As a matter of fact, Susie, who lives in a Western compound does have a dryer but it vents into the room, not outside like ours does. Interesting way of getting around that problem.
Literally, some of the high rises go up thirty stories with laundry flapping on each floor. You must get pretty good at attaching the clothes pins!!!
These clothes were hanging right in the street, with no apparent owner near by. On closer inspection,

do I see fancy pants?


dee said...

Thanks for the tour and the about making due with what you have.
So interesting Tommy. Your cooking class sounds like it must have been fun.

Anonymous said...

Maybe just maybe, the chinese people might have too much clothes! OR, that is their wardrobe you see hanging out there. I know you would see lots of bedding hanging out on lines and balconies in Japan. Every morning the beddings come out. They hang the laundry out in a similar fashion too.

Did you think of exploring the possibility of purchasing some wonderful pure silk duvets while there?

Janet said...

Enjoying your posts, thanks for sharing.