Monday, September 14, 2009

China Girl 7 - Wet Market

Apart from the people watching, I think that the markets were the most fascinating things in China. Once you adjusted yourself to the smells, the sights were amazing. The wet market is where the locals go to buy their foods. I am basically gonna just comment a bit on a few pictures but I could have taken ten times more for all the cool stuff these open air markets have.

Chicken feet
Chicken wing tips (the part of the buffalo wings we discard); they waste nothing.
The whole bird.
This woman is butchering the birds right at the market. Click bigger and check out her hands.

There were more types of mushrooms than I have ever seen before.
I believe that these 'bows' are made with tofu.

I think that these two pictures are showing all different kinds of tofu.

Anybody up for frog for lunch?
These fish are still alive!
More fish.
Live chickens.
What comes first, the chicken or the egg? They have lots more variety than we have here.
The local meat merchants and
their wares.
Wanna play this little piggy?
Wow, I took the picture to show guy with his shirt up and never even saw the monster green thing; watermelon? zucchini? Men in China have a habit of rolling up their shirt bottom and letting it all hang out. This is not to show macho because most of the guys I saw do it were on the heavy side. They just do it. Mostly, not that attractive. That just reminded me; there are many women walking around in pajamas as daily wear. This is not to say that it's a possibility that they may be pajamas. They are indeed pajamas and you see them going about their daily shopping and work in them. Do they know, I wonder?
This looks like a cross between peaches and cream corn and Indian corn.
Don't know what these are.
Star anise perhaps?
Resemble chick peas but they are so much harder. Maybe garbanzos before they are cooked? Again, don't know.
Various noodles.
No clue.
The wet market also has prepared food; lots of vegetables
and other things that look like they would be in a Chinese deli.
Some sort of noodle?
A very red version of KFC? Speaking of KFC; there are many, many franchises of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is very popular in China. They are even in the airports.


Anonymous said...

Wow--such variety! I think the Chinese must be much more in tune with their food than we in the States generally are. You had quite the experience--I'm envious!!

Cindra said...

Wow, too! I kind of like the idea of grocery shopping in my pajamas. Of course my definition of pajamas changes with how current I am with the wash. LOL

Teresa said...

Thank you so much for bringing back memories of my China trip. It is always so fun to see what catches the eye or the thoughts of others who have gone there and see if it is the same thing I think about.

BTW, the things you have labeled "chestnuts" are actually mangosteens, not to be confused with mangos. They are a fruit, with a white creamy center and are delicious.