Wednesday, September 16, 2009

China Girl 8 - Chinese Outdoor Fitness Center

I am officially a bowler. I bowled, without incident, three games. This is not to say that I am a good bowler. My scores were 104, 78 and 86. I slipped on the floor a lot. I got many gutter balls. I feel that bowling would be far superior if it was in the evening with a cocktail but it is not for me to say. I wore my pearls (synthetic) and our team name is Lanatics, which was the name long before I ever graced the lanes. Hopefully, I will get better but on a more positive note, we were bowling for handicaps and from all the scuttlebutt, I bowled perfectly. I now have a very big head.

Speaking of any type of exercise, which I have had none for most of the summer, due to a bad back and fear of a continued bad back, I would like to share one of the more unique things I had the pleasure of seeing in China, an outdoor fitness center.
Here we have Susie and Larissa entering the center. If you ask me, their hefting those purses is exercise enough.
This looks similar to a kids playground or some sort of contortion chamber.
These are very random looking exercise machines, and look nothing like the Nautilus equipment I am used to.
This machine that Susie is on goes from side to side. She looks very fit already with only five seconds on the contraption.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
And look! You can do this with a buddy!
But, there still is laundry to consider. You never know when you will have to change into some newly washed clothing.
Someone was traveling through the fitness center and accidentally left some long poles of bamboo. If it was my bamboo, I would have come back to claim it. If I leave my water bottle at my fitness center, I go back to get it.
And more clothes! Doesn't that beat all?
Although there weren't lots of people utilizing the fitness equipment while we were there, I have to say that it was about 100ยบ and the humidity was around 100 also. I bet the day after we were there, the place was packed. Plus, someone would be needing their clothes, right?

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