Friday, September 18, 2009

China Girl 9 - A Little Bit Of This and That in China

Of all the things we talked about last night with Jayne and her hubby, the one subject matter that continually comes up when talking of our trip was the driving and traffic situation. I am so mad at myself for not video taping some of our travels with our driver. Hair raising is the least of it. There are odds and ends that I want to share that we talked about.
First up, this is the passenger window from my view in the back seat when with a guide in Beijing. This window is tinted except for what used to be those the area that those small triangular crank windows were. That section has no tint; the better to see to drive like a maniac.
This is the Marriott where I stayed when in Shanghai. This is the view of the hotel from the elevator. It had eight floors, which compared to all the high rises in the city, wasn't very tall.
This is the courtyard and under that glass semicircle is the pool. The hotel is very western and if you didn't have to talk to anyone, you would never know you were in China.
This was a random door we passed while going to the cooking class. It just caught my eye.

This happens to be the couch section in Ikea in Shanghai. The Chinese are very hard workers and try to catch some shut eye whenever and wherever.
Literally, as you walk into the front door of Ikea, this is what we saw. This is a living room suite that is posed and ready to catch your fancy so that you buy it. Instead, you can barely see the furniture due to all the sleepers on it. I was dumb struck when I saw this. But, in the same vein, when I looked at buses (which are very plentiful) while traveling, I noticed that all the people on it are sleeping. You rarely see that in the states.

We were walking to the bakery and this delightful Chinese girl held out her little dog for us to see. Yep, it was a Bichon. The pose is very similar to the late Michael Jackson and his little 'Blanket'. Reenactment, do you think? In the two weeks, I maybe saw 10 dogs. They are not plentiful for two reasons; it cost money to have them and they are also a source of protein. Yikes, I hate to think of that.
The second out of the total of 10 dogs I saw was at a restaurant and this nine week old Bichon was sitting on the table getting all sorts of attention. Of course the kids had to go and see her. She looks much like my baby when she was that age.
It is very common place to see tons and tons of motor bikes and bicycles crammed together in

whatever space happens to be available. Sometimes it looks like there is a sea of vehicles.
You might have to click on this to see this guy's pierced neck. It's the first time I have ever seen this and the guy is a Westerner. We followed him down the street for quite some time and couldn't imagine WHY he would do that. Just getting dressed and pulling the shirt over this would bug me.


Anonymous said...

They sleep like that in ALL the Asian countries I have visited. Pure slovenry, is probably a name for it. The trains are FULL of sleeping men, especially. I used to wonder how they knew when to get off.
IMO, it is the MSG, no 'hard worker' myth. Too much MSG in their foods.

norma said...

A friend clued me onto your blog because I had been to China a few years ago and she thought I would enjoy your take on it and I did. It brought back so many memories. I was on a tour for 19 days and absolutely loved it! I wasn't blogging then, but I did blog about my trip to Japan last year. I had no lap top there, so blogged about this and that when I got back.
I will keep checking back to see more of your adventures.
BTW I enjoyed your pix and story about the dog's birthday party. What a hoot.

Cindra said...

I, too, wondered how people sleeping on mass transit know when to get off... or do they not care?