Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crossing Stuff Off The List

I have just spent about an hour going through old blogs to find when I first made the kits for the bears to applique in the car, going to and from Florida. I didn't find it at all but got pretty engrossed in old blogs that I had totally forgotten about. I can't remember where I put my glasses two minutes ago, so what makes me think I can find something I did two years ago?

Anyway, after a couple years and lots of holes in my fingers, the four appliqued baby quilt tops are assembled. I hate to do all that hand work and then put it under the sewing machine so I got all the components, quilt top, batting and backing and after writing down the hand quilting instructions and picking out the thread to use,
I bundled them up and packed them to send to my hand quilter. I don't know when I will have them back, but it really doesn't matter at this point because they are not designated for any baby as yet. That being done, I can cross that off my 'to do' list that I compiled last week. Hopefully, I will check off everything on the list before we head south.
This piece has been neglected for a long time so I finally finished quilting it and have the facing sewn on so that I can sew it down by hand this week with all the new shows on. I saw Castle last night and was thrilled that it hasn't lost a drop of its charm.

Speaking of tv for a minute, I was more than a little surprised to see the Chairman of Iron Chef on DWTS. He seems so much cuter in this forum than on IC. He is very buff too. I thought the Emmys were particularly good this year. Neil Patrick did a fine job. I liked Tony Collette's dress the best. I can't believe how many noted celebrities died in the past year.

I have my second day of bowling today. I am going to stop off at a sporting goods shop to see if they have bowling shoes so I don't have to rent smelly ones. I was slipping and sliding all over the place last week. I hear the french fries are pretty good at the alley so I may go early to munch a bit. I need to take a picture of our team too.


Maggie said...

The Chairman is also a kung fu master and was in a great French movie, the Brotherhood of the Wolf. Who would have thought?

Regina said...

I didn't see you eating any french fries today. And I'm not sure you bought new shoes........