Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Girl

With the house full this weekend I just couldn't find the gumption to blog. I think that maybe it was because I got a bit out of the habit in China and now any distraction sets me in a spin. Whatever. We had a lot of fun stuff going on but the most remembered was Bella's third birthday party. I believe this is her first party and more than likely her last. As I recall, our little Mazy had a sweet sixteen and maybe a first or second birthday (also a pool party) as I can recall.
Dog parties are quite contrived, and I am a guessin' that it's because we actually throw the party for US, cauz' the dogs really don't care. But it's the planning, laughing, shopping, laughing, setting up, laughing; ya know.

Finding four pink dresses that could pass for bathing suits was the first positive step. Marked down to a mere $3, I am pretty confident that you couldn't pass them up either. With all the purchases made, the tags were removed (that takes half a day!!) The girlfriends assembled at
the party place. Those tails of theirs seemed to push the dresses up a bit but they still looked perfect and not one of them balked at being dressed in a silly dress.
They all jumped in the pool; no, I take that back. We placed them in and except for Bea, even the birthday girl would not have been in this picture without a little motherly coaxing. Is this cute or what? Then I think, are you nuts? These dogs don't even like the water. The end of the season sale of a baby pool with a palm tree umbrella (I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the pool itself) was all the incentive for the party theme.
Being that the guests were all girls, there will always be a moment for a glamour shot and I caught Sophie in just such a pose.
In this picture, Chai is saying, ' Pretty good booty for just attending a party'! Don't worry Chai, your mom paid for most of it that she couldn't live with out.
A piece of cake?
Bella and her follower Chai, took time out from partying to patrol the perimeter and make sure no one was on our beach.
Then there were the birthday treats, always the biggest hit.
Some more patrolling, but this time, going the other direction.
Hey, who moved the snacks!!!
The birthday girl, poised and ready to guard her birthday dog cookies from predators, looks serene and well put together for a three year old. G said that it was really her 21st birthday. Uh Oh. does this mean she's legal?

China girl will be back tomorrow.


Susan Turney said...

What a wonderful, fun, happy post! That last picture is priceless. My friend Stewie used to have a party every year for his rescued Afghan...hats and all. Their favorite game was the Pianist...or Pee-in-ist! The humans had to keep count. They also all went for a studio portrait and all 7 dogs have a big grin and their hats are all on.
A great way to start the week.

SandyQuilts said...

You are too funny ..... what a blast. Happy Birthday.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday Bella! What a great post Tommy - you know how to throw a party.

dee said...

Such fun. The girls looked darling. Happy Birthday Bella.

diane said...

The pictures of Bella's party have really made my day. You really are the hostess with the mostest! I think everyone who reads your blog will say thanks, Tommy, for the smiles you put on all our faces. PS I LOVE that pool!

Robbie Payne said...

OK, this is waaaayyyyy to cute!! Now I feel like I've been a mean mom by not throwing Mandy any party!! Well, she does turn 10 in Novembe so just maybe...thanks for making my day!

Janet said...

Love that last picture of Bella, too cute!