Saturday, September 19, 2009

My First Book

We are having a great time with Jayne and Rich but they will leave us today and go do wedding things for their son, Jayson who is getting married in a couple weeks. G and I will be leaving later for another wedding; my friend Peggy's son Adam will be tying the knot tonight.

Besides the guys golfing 33 holes of golf yesterday, Jayne and I had side by side pedicures and made our first book. I have downloaded it in video form and I hope this works. We goofed at the end of the book and left some pages blank and still don't know what we did wrong but we have already made the mistake a positive thing. We can either write notes of our experience or add snapshots later. It was great fun but took us most of a day to do. Now I have to publish this and see if it works!!

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Deborah said...

Your book is great! I couldn't figure out how to make it full screen so imagine it's even better then I think. Making books like that one are such time eaters, but well worth the work. I certainly enjoyed your efforts.
Debbie Davis Jones
(from high school)