Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sign Of The Times

Not only have I been grinding my teeth for years while I sleep, but in the last six months or so I have taken up the habit during the day. I guess I really didn't even notice what I was doing until I was in a waiting room and a nurse said to me, 'honey, are you grinding your teeth?' I have had a pretty consistent unpleasant feel in my jaw for quite some time but never wanted to make waves about it and like everything else, thought it would just go away. I bit the bullet last week and made a dentist appointment. One of my teeth (lower cuspid (?)) shifted and therefore my whole bite was off; causing what could be lots of problems down the road. Yesterday the dentist ground down my tooth and put on a plastic crown so that I could get used to a new bite in the next couple weeks. I was in the dentist chair for two hours.

Which brings me to the point that I was gonna make. I took Bella to daycare and it happens to be in Michigan. On the way I noticed when crossing over from Indiana to Michigan, that there was a new sign - very simple, yet very attractive.

When I went to retrieve my little babe I took a picture of the new sign. Like?

Jayne and her hubby Rich are coming today for a sleepover. We want to rehash China, do a little gossiping and have the guys do some male bonding on the golf course. We are also gonna look into making a book of some of the pictures from the trip on the Mac. My ultimate aim in my life is to gather up all the photos I have and make books out of them; not photo albums that pretty much have every picture ever taken, but selective, important pictures that will be preserved and possibly kept. That's the long term plan. I better get going on it!!!


Gayle from MI said...

I just love that campaign and it has really stepped up the tourism in Michigan too. The ads are all over the tv and radio.
Thanks so much for sharing your China trip.

Cindra said...

I've been doing the same thing. Gathering photos and planning books. In my case it was a wedding that got me started.I bet your books would be a hoot!

Corky said...

As a transplanted Michigander of course I like the sign!