Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today's Musings

I know that this photo looks disgusting, like it was something after an accident or a hurl but
it's just tomato seeds. I was seeding the last of G's harvest for bruschetta and decided that it was time to try out that seed, grow your own idea I heard on Martha Stewart's satellite radio program. They have dried completely (and attracted a fair share of fruit flies) and are now in a baggie in the freezer. I may take them to Florida and try it out there. I am guessing that they don't have to be frozen for a whole winter.

The wedding we went to last night was lovely. Unfortunately, my camera was acting badly and everyone was getting sick of my nagging to pose while I remedied the problem. The only
willing poser ended up being a plate of dessert of a gal sitting next to me. I realized that, far too late, the flash was off and locked so it took most of the wedding to find this out. The wedding was a black and white one and it was only the second I have attended with that color scheme. The flowers were white callas and the bridesmaids (8) wore all sorts of variations of the little black dress and it was highly effective. My friend Peggy, mother of the groom, looked stunning in a teal sheath with just the right amount of bling.

The happy couple did a very sweet variation of the love letter time capsule. They got a bottle of wine in it's wood case and each wrote a letter to each other. Then in the ceremony they used sealing wax to close up the box. The idea is to open the box if they find that sometime in their married life that things aren't going too well, that they, together, open the box and open the wine and take each others letter and go off and read them alone. It hopefully will reinforce all the reasons why they tied the knot in the first place and hopefully be a new starting point in their commitment to each other. If they get to their 20th anniversary and the box has not as yet been opened, that they will then open the box, drink the wine and read the letters. I told them to give me a call on that day and I would help them with the wine. They both heartily agreed and thought that it was a grand idea.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

That will be interesting if you get them to grow in Florida.
Florida tomatoes do not compare to northern tomatoes.
Will they be Florida tomatoes??? or Northern tomatoes??????