Saturday, October 03, 2009

Jayson and Tina's Wedding (I so wanted to say Tony)

It started on Thursday when the relatives started to gather. The suite that Jayne and family managed to get close to the wedding and reception in Chicago was unbelievably large. They had a foyer, powder room, kitchen, massive living room and dining room and two bedrooms with their very own very full bath. And the view of Lake Michigan was something to behold.
I showed up when hair was done and makeup was in full swing. I first wanted to say hi to the father of the groom and so Jayne led me into the master suite.
This is what I found. He had on earphones to best drown out the rather exuberant chatting that twelve women in the next room were involved in. Hey, don't all guys want to discuss makeup, hair, whether or not to wear pantyhose, what bra is most effective etc etc. You can see why he's conked out.
This is Tina's beautiful gown. It is the same designer that my daughter Maria wore to her wedding, but with a totally different feel.
This picture should have been cropped. It's the end of the living room were lots of the maids were gathered; to eat, drink, look at stuff and get their face done.
On to the wedding. Here is Tina with her very handsome father walking down the beautifully sweeping stairs. I was in the second row and so couldn't get a clear shot of it.
The ceremony was beautiful with and I did manage to catch the 'you may kiss the bride' with minimal intrusion from the front row. Then, because the cocktail party before dinner was in the exact location of the ceremony, they had all the guests go up the gorgeous staircase for a
group picture. It was such a clever way to have about twenty staff taking down the chairs while at the same time having one of the coolest shots they will probably have in their wedding album. As you can see, the bridal party of eighteen were up front, as it should be.
The bridal party went off to take some photos and when they emerged, it was a lovely sight of the beautiful Tina and her glowing partner for life, Jayson.

Because the maid of honor was a pastry chef, Jayne wanted me to accompany her into the room where the dinner was to be so that I could see the cupcake

tree that she made for the happy couple. On the top was a cake for the bride and groom to
share on their first anniversary. G and I never did see our top cake. My parents moved the year after we were married and because G got drafted, we were in Germany and never saw the cake. I digress as in this particular case, it's not all about me.
The color scheme of the cupcakes went very well with the flowers that the girls carried and the
centerpieces. They were beautiful.
Here are the parents of the groom and our dear friends, Jayne and Rich. They look pretty HOT!!!
G and me. When people take our picture with my camera, they take it so up close that I can count each wrinkle.
Check out Susie (Jayson's sis) , who just flew in from China two days before. While we were visiting her last month, we went to the fabric mart in Shanghai and she had this dress made (in a couple days). She came solo for many reasons; the biggest one is that she is coming back for six weeks with the kids for the holidays and they felt that the jet lag is so difficult for the kids that they wouldn't put them through it for such a short time.
Here we have Sarah, who is sister to both Susie and Jayson. She and her husband Fred have two precious babies, Heidi and Henry.
Here are some of Jayne's BFF's. I recognize them all and that's a good thing as we were feeling no pain by the time the pic was taken.

There was lots of dancing, mostly to techno stuff which I had to take a pass on. It has come a time in our lives where the weddings are not for the parents as much as they are for the young. I refuse to line dance at this stage in my life. It's more memorization than step aerobics!!!!!

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Nic said...

Congrats to Jayson and the Miller family! Love the pics, especially the one of you and G. You guys are awesome!