Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Here's the spot I picked to do my work here at the Barn. I chose it because I get another half a wall on the left.
There's batting pinned on the wall so that my fabric will stick onto it without pins. This picture was taken at setup on Sunday, early evening.
This is what it looked like at 9 this morning. We had to put our fabric in gradations, from light to dark. Before this, (yesterday) as is pretty par in a Nancy Crow class, we worked in black and white. I will show you those tomorrow. Now I want to share a few picture I took. This is
modeling an African wedding headdress. She said is is quite heavy.
The more traditional headdress is in the center, and it is covered with all this bead work.
These disks are called propellers. Most of the beadwork parts are pinned on so that you can change things around to your liking. I think that if you click on the picture above this one you can see it pinned. Nancy spent six weeks or something close to that in Africa this summer. Three weeks of the trip with a group of 28. After that, she continues on to new places that she has never been to before.

This is a collage of different things that are stitched on black fabric. It is very detailed and intricate. Those Africans sure do great work.
John, Nancy's husband found this mushroom out on his farm. See that dark spot pretty much in the center of the split? That's the stalk. It looks awfully small for the monster size of

this mushroom. And he had more than ONE!!!!!


liz said...

I so want to take a week at the Barn with Nancy Crow.... but is it worth it time money and buying all the fabric you need. Is she overwhelming?

dee said...

holy crap! Is that all your fabric? It's yummy looking.
I've red mixed reviews about her & the classes but I sure would like to see for myself. I always like what you come up with. Last years B&W studies were really interesting.

Anonymous said...

Is that all the fabric you brought?

your friend in sw fl who is so jealous you got to go again so soon

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You DID get the best spot in the house.
Waiting for photos of what you're doing.
You odo have a knack for that!