Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!! We will be spending the day on the road so I guess we are dressed as travelers..

I think the last time we dressed up was a couple years ago when we went with an already worn Captain Hook and Peter Pan. I reconstituted the outfits (got the cobwebs off and gave them a press) from the last time we went to a dress up Halloween party. I actually hot glued the moustache on G’. Let me think of other things we wore in the past. One year we were a cub scout and a brownie. I got the blue shirt and pants for G at Sears in the worker guy section and then got all the cub scout stuff at the same place I got my brownie dress; J.C. Penney. I borrowed a sash that already had tons of patches on it. I liked that outfit. One year we went to a party as John DeLorean and I was a bag of coke. We went as cowboy and cowgirl. I still have all the costumes in a couple big plastic containers. I keep thinking that they will come in handy someday.

We were thinking of the Halloween costumes that the kids wore when they were young. Peter’s first was the typical hobo with colored patches sewn on a flannel shirt, blue jeans and a stick with a stuffed bandana. He was seven months and never made it to a doorstep. The next year he was superman and went to a couple houses but just wanted to sit down on the doorstep and eat the candy. His diaper in a pair of tights come to mind. Maggie’s first was some sleeper that was an animal; I think a pig. She was three months old. For some reason I can’t remember Peter’s third year costume.

They were matching clowns one year. One side of the suit was black and one was white with red pompoms and pointed hats. There was the year that Peter was a football player and Maggie was a fifties chick. One year Maggie went as a ballerina and Peter was Robin Hood.

After a phone call to Maggie I can add a jogger (very clever) and Pippi Longstocking to her costume repertoire. After a phone call from Pete, I could add a jogger (again, very clever) to his list. Once they went as a monk and a nun. I made all the costumes but of course the kids would have much rather had the boxed costumes that came from the grocery store that were one piece and tied closed in the back, accompanied by a plastic face mask.

There’s no making those kids happy……. It reminds me that we always had homemade cookies in our lunches and all I dreamed of was store bought.. Go figure.


dee said...

I laughed at the DeLorean idea..that's original and funny.
Your comment about store bought cookies hit home too. Mom worked for a rest. produce company out of the old Hunt's Point Market in NY. That meant that we had access to the best in food. But Oh! how I wanted a bologna sandwich with mayo on white bread instead of expensive German cold cuts on brown bread. A kid could get beat up for that and no one wanted to trade...ever. Now I just laugh at those days-wish I had some good German cold cuts handy.
When James was little I went as Groucho and he went as an elf one year- Dick Tracy & Professor Bunsen Honeydew another...can't remember too many others. I miss that. That's what grandchildren are for, right?

Corky said...

One year my son went as Santa Claus. He thought it was a really great idea - until everyone kept asking him for gifts when all he wanted them to do is throw some chocolate into his bag!