Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem

Now I am trying to figure out why I decided not to go to the Quilt Festival in Houston. Crap. I just remembered; I wanted to sign up for Carol Soderlund's class that just happens to be going on at this very minute at the Barn. I was just gonna stay in Columbus for the weekend and take the True Colors class. It's all coming back to me now. The China trip took care of any free time I have left. This week was packed full of very important stuff. First was the bridal shower, then we have the very important Bowling league, the transferring of a temporary plastic crown for the real thing (or even better, porcelain) which happens today and a doctor visit out in the boonies tomorrow that is facilitating a get together of my friend from Florida, Karen, that lives in Naperville (in good weather) and a delightful lunch with her and Jayne, my other friend (oh, besides by BFF Kaci). You see? I just can't fit it all in. I plan to take True Colors next September. I do have a couple friends going to Houston that are going to be my 'play by play' on the scene reporters for me and I will share the best of Houston via their eyes. That starts today.

Have you ever bought old books on Amazon? My brother Dan told me to do it because I was forever looking for out of print books.

This particular author, Marcel Montecino, is a favorite of mine. I did a little research and found out that he was a musician, doing crappy weddings and the occasional bar mitzvah until he put pen to paper and discovered he could have overnight success by writing novels. I paid less than 10 cents for each book but unfortunately the shipping and handling was $3.95 for each book. It is still a bargain and I am glad to have them.
Until I finish this book, about the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago (which is a bit timely due to the embarrassing debacle of the loss of the 2016 Olympics), I will just have to put my new 'old' books on hold. I just have to learn how to read faster!!!


Beth in TN said...

Check out this site if you want to see somebody who reads a lot:
Can't imagine having that kind of time available every day!

Reggie said... is also a division of Amazaon that I have bought LOTS of used books on; and sold them also. Yes, the shipping is more than the book but hell, a new book in hardbound costs $25.00 so I say it's still a huge bargain.......

Melody Johnson said...

I loved Devil in the White City. What a good read!