Friday, October 02, 2009

Is Mullet A Fish Or A Hairdo?

I don't know what happened yesterday; I had about four lines done on the blog and something came to my attention and I never returned. Come to think about it, I know what it was. I was looking for a top that I thought I sent to the dry cleaners a long time ago and just kinda forgot about. One thing led to another and I started weeding out my closets, making fall and winter stuff more accessible and packing for two different trips at the same time. A couple Salvation Army bags later it was two o'clock and time for my hair cut appointment.

Today I take the train into the city to do some pre wedding stuff with Jayne for her son's wedding tonight. G is driving in after putting a little time in at work. Susie flew into town from China on Wednesday for her brother's wedding and it will be fun to see her. Bill and Claudia are doing the town this weekend so Saturday we will meet up with them do some touristy stuff before meeting the kids (sans Peter - he's in a play) for dinner. Sunday I head to the Columbus, Ohio area for a week long class at Nancy Crow's Barn. I am gonna pack the car when I am done with this.

My cardio schedule has been brutal but with the bad weather coming on, it will keep me in the house more. That's not to say that each and every Tuesday (except for the ones I miss) I will be sporting a pretty lively lookin' bowling ball. Okay, so it's the cheapest I could find, rather garish in color

but I think that if Barbie was a bowler, she may have chosen the same style of ball. I did actually need my own ball. Not only am I left handed and so the holes were always off in the bowling alley balls, but I needed a little more weight than most of the ladies balls and I need bigger holes for my swiftly turning arthritic fingers. I can easily get my fingers in the holes, but getting them is an entirely different matter. I know I am gonna be mortified when I show up with the new ball (just got it) and still can't break through to the triple digits for three games in a row. I have been blaming the balls and the stinky rental shoes for my bad play.
I took care of that problem last week with the purchase of my very own pair of plastic bowling shoes. I wore 'em once and so far, not my luckiest pair of shoes. But they do look cute don't they? Hey, if nothing else, I will look like a bowler. Now I just need to grow a mullet and buy a carton of Basic cigarettes.

I played bridge for four hours last night. It is too long to do one thing consecutively, but I am not the most confident bridge player. I held my own and actually enjoyed playing, being hesitant in accepting the invite due to not playing in about forever. I forgot more than I remembered, but the group I played with are great friends and very easy going so it made it fine. I am going to have to make a concerted effort to play more bridge.

Today is a very big day for Chicago as I am sure lots of you know. We will get the yeah or neigh for the 2016 Olympics. I have my fingers crossed. It would be very good for the community in more ways that I am sure I can even imagine but I doubt that I would even consider attending any games. I am freaked by the projected crowd estimations. Once again, it's all about me.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

And when you are not using the ball to bowl you can put it in your yard on a stand and it can double as a gazing globe!

Gayle from MI said...

EeeGaads! Four hours of bridge and bowling? Whew!
Hey, when you are around Toledo on your way to the Barn give a loud honk. I may here you in Monroe!