Monday, October 19, 2009

Lovely Quilts

This is the only detail I have taken of 'Say Cheese' and it's still in Houston so that's all I can give you. I took the detail to show that the quilt has 'holes'. You can click on the original picture (mine) and get more detail.
This quilt, hanging in Houston was done for a water theme exhibition in Canada where Martha Brown, the artist, lives and did her work on 'Tap Dance Finale'. I love the name. Very clever Martha!!
This kinda reminds me of my quilt. It is called 'Stepping Out In St John, New Brunswick' by Judy Morningstar. She noticed the architecture was slightly off kilter while teaching quilting workshops there.
Here is a close up. Just remember, these photos were all taken on an iPhone. I am amazed by the good quality.
I should have straightened this quilt photo but now I have wasted way too much time this morning so it ain't gonna happen. This is called 'Incommunicado' by Esterita Austin, from New York, and shows the woman busying herself with her mirror and lipstick and the man on the cell phone, playing or texting. It is a perfect reflection of life with all the technology taking over regular conversation.
Desiree Habicht, from Riverside, California, did this quilt 'Glass Beach'. Being a collector of beach glass myself, I can relate to the appeal of the rounded and no longer threatening pieces of glass that the surf and sand have worked together to round off the sharp edges.

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Thank you for the close up pictures.
I like it very much!