Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Barn Musings

I was sent a few pictures from a fellow class mate from the barn and thought that it was interesting as to what people take pictures of. This one is my favorite.
This is such a piquant picture of Nancy. She gives her full attention to the artist explanation that is taking place. At the end of each class, usually the last two hours of our Barn experience, we have a critique. There are questions that we can answer to have a guideline as to what to say. We are to put all our work up on our design wall and we get five minutes (actually timed) to expound on what we wanted to accomplish, what we did accomplish, where we could have done better, if we were satisfied, etc. It is probably one of the best times of the entire class because you get to really see what others feel and often times they are coinciding with others feelings, only they have said it better or more clear. At least, that's what I feel.
Out of seven classes I have taken, this is the first one that made something for Nancy. We all added a strip (mine is second from the left) that we didn't use to give her a starter (kinda like sourdough) for a scrappy quilt of her own. Maybe this has started a new tradition. Nancy herself said that she often thought of getting a strip from each of her students and putting them all together.
This is the class picture. I hate how I look. I had my big camera in my hand and didn't want it in the picture so I put my hands behind my back to hide it and the result is a very unflattering picture. There is something to be said for not having a phone in my ear tho', as Rahel next to me is posing with.!!!!

The girl with the green top in the second row left is Margaret Wolf. She is the gal who prepares all our meals (lunch and dinners at the barn.) She lives in the fine state of Washington and comes to the Barn twice a year for six weeks of class and then heads back west. She does a fine job of keeping us nourished without a bunch of fattening stuff. I swear, she could make suet taste good!!!

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