Friday, October 16, 2009

More From The Barn

My Houston updates are sorely lacking so I am going to wait until I get a couple more quilts before I post another Houston blog. Come to think of it, I have a piece in the show that hasn't been photographed and sent to me, even via phone!!!!

So, instead I will highlight three of my class mates that happened to be in my corner of the Barn. First off is Carol, our southern belle, who was just a doll. Here we have her black and white work and her wall of fabrics.
We all had the same assignment for each piece, like lights to darks with spacers in between, but we all made completely different fabric.
This is a rare picture that I could take that I managed to get the artist and her critique wall all in one photo. I love the colors and symmetry of her pieces.
Next to Carol in the class comes Karen, a Canadian from British Columbia. Her black and white work is very striking.
I love this fabric wall. Karen managed to get in a lot more prints than most of us. It was the last assignment for the fabric making and most of us just couldn't finish it up in time.
Here's Karen explaining her work, which I couldn't get in the same picture.
Her final piece is very edgy and stunning. The juxtaposition is wonderful in this work.
Next in line is Kaci, by BFF from Oregon. You won't see a picture of her because, as lovely as she is, she doesn't like to get her picture taken. Here are her black and white studies. She had to show us all up and make three!!!
Kaci's fabric wall was very extensive and varied. She followed the assignment to a T.
The final composition for the class could be formatted in many ways and Kaci first chose to do it in a modular fashion. When I left the class at night, this is what she had on her wall. When I
came back the next morning, it looked like this. It's certainly a far cry from what it first looked like!!!!
After adding spacers, it changed the look completely. Kaci stayed on at the Barn for the second session of the class so she will have lots more work done. I think all these pieces are fabulous.


Diane D. said...

Tommy, I'm just back from Houston and saw your quilt - it looked great and was on the inside end of a row so was easy to see. Sorry, no pictures, I didn't bring a camera.

dee said...

thanks for showing the Barn shots. Love Karen's piece- it's electric!
Kaci's work is wonderful and I really like it with the spacers. Very pleasing composition.