Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

I think that my email server is not working based on the fact that I haven't gotten an email since the day before I left for Ohio. If nothing else, I would think that I would have gotten at least one comment on the fact that although they weren't Angie and Brad, two quasi star hits in the course of five minutes, all happening in an elevator would have merited at least a casual nod in the way of a comment. Plus, I have a few outgoing emails that I replied to that are still sitting in my out box.

Good news tho'. My Internet works. Even though my computer is fifteen minutes from class I can still rush back to the room to see what the weather will be like tomorrow. Yeah, I know, I am pretty pathetic.

I have completed my first day of the Strip class and all is well so far. I forgot about the time change yesterday and barely got my hair dry before class started but now the watch is changed and I am up at ten to six local time so I should get to class in time to do what I have to do before nine. I took pictures that I wanted to blog but they are in the camera under my table in the next town so that will have to wait until tomorrow. So, that being said, I bid you, good day.

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maggie z. said...

have fun and a safe trip ~ can't wait to see you down here!! i actually miss dog park!! oh, you too!