Friday, October 30, 2009

On The Road Again ( A Willy Nelson Song)

I am now in Dalton Georgia and we will be running out for a romantic meal soon. When we arrived at our motel, we immediately took Bella for a nice walk around the campus of Dalton State College. G actually tried his hand at a few of the circuit training stops.

Bella is such a good traveler, never making a fuss or anything. She has her own car seat and sits in it or lays in it for hours. Even tho' we stop to let her go do her 'busy' she never does on the road. She is never hungry and rarely thirsty.

Last night when I had my farewell cocktail and appetizer with Micky, she showed me this new fantastic app for our iPhone. It's called MyPantone. She actually used the Pantone palette to pick out the colors for her golf shoe prototypes. By the way, she received 9 pair of her patented golf shoe TipTeeToe (the wedge heeled golf shoe she designed) from China, this past week. Now she is planning on heading out for a trade show to get the marketing started.

For $9.99 you can get a paint palette which you can manipulate to group colors, have the app pick corresponding colors and lots of other fun stuff. There are other color apps like Palettes ($9.99), colorID, for ($.99), Colorstrology (free), Color Expert ($9.99), or ColorToy ($2.99). They are wonderful tools for choosing colors, either for quilts, decor, or clothing. Check these out; you will be very impressed. If I do get pantone, it will be the only app I have paid for except for Jeopardy ($4.99) which was SO WORTH IT!!! When I am waiting, it passes the time and it makes me feel smart, where as bowling makes me feel stupid.


nic said...

I have the Scrabble app (for the word nerd in me). Like the Jeopardy one I paid for it but it's worth it.

Susan Turney said...

Another fun app for the car or just waiting around is WildWest. It's a pinball machine and so realistic. It might drive a non-player...or driver...crazy with the noise but it's so fun. And free!
I love your blog and am always pleased when there's a new post!