Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parlez-vous francais?

I started out this morning just going to put something away in a downstairs closet and now, six hours later, I have torn apart several closets, moving, pitching, weeding, and just pretty much a general closet reconnoiter. I am now exhausted and need a nap.

I was clearing out my inbox in my email and forgot that Regina sent me pictures of my teen angel ,
Miss Kelly, as she was leaving for France to teach school. Isn't she precious? Although she is no longer a teen but a college graduate, she will always remain my teen angel.
She marked her suitcases boldly because she has never traveled anywhere without losing her luggage. The signage must have worked because she arrived in Lyon, France, intact, with all her luggage.


Regina said...

How could I NOT comment on that!!! Yes, she is alive and well in France....I wish I was there for your closet purging; I'm sure there are things I would have gladly taken off your hands!!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly has that Cameron Diaz smile. Very cute! pjn

ellie parkerson said...

Dear Anonymous,
You are so right about Kelly's smile. What is her blog site? ellie