Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Posting With No Photos Is A Drag

Thanks for all your comments yesterday. It's just that I never heard about that 1GB limit before. And I don't know if it matters but I haven't used Picasa in a long time. I use iPhoto since I switched to the MacBook. Anyway, I bit the bullet and paid my $20. I was then given a warning that it could take up to a few days to take effect and as per usual with me, I blew that off thinking that's the worst case scenario. It's true. It's been almost 24 hours and I still can't post photos.

I belong to a guild but have never been one for meetings of any type so I pretty much just get involved in the quilt show that they have every other year. I neglected to rejoin the guild this summer (I am a subscription member because I rarely cross the state line for a guild meeting) and now I find myself having to re-up and register all the quilts that could be in the show before we take off for Florida. What a pain in the neck. I usually come back from Florida for the show but I have decided not to this time. I will have to rely on my friends to submit my quilts at the appropriate time to get into the show and then to get the quilts back after the show. Oh, and I forgot- there is one quilt that isn't even sewn together yet. Oh dear.

It is difficult to post when I know I can't use anything visual. So what am I up to? I am trying to organize and make kits for a new car project. I have spent the last two years of car travel working on my baby bear quilts and now find that in four days I will need to start on something new. That is what I plan on doing today. I also am going to wash and shrink wool sweaters from The Salvation Army for another project that may work well as a Christmas gift. The studio needs major cleaning from having lots of work completed by my pals this past weekend. Factor in the fact that it's bowling day, and I have my work cut out for me. I had better get goin'.


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