Monday, October 12, 2009

Showering Off

Did anyone notice how clever the comment made by Spikemuffin was yesterday? I would have never thought of that. And, it's a valid question.
The bridal shower yesterday was quite a hit. Here is the Banoffee Dessert that I blogged about in my last entry. It was a hit but I think the description of how to make the caramel was even more welcomed.
Here is the bride to be. She is my niece on G's side. I took all fixin's to her mom's house in the Chicago suburbs so that everyone wouldn't have to cross state lines for a little family afternoon shower. My sister Mike did most of the work. I know how to delegate!!!
After a lunch of warm tortellini chicken salad we got down to the theme of the party, cards. Not only was card making on the agenda, but the gifts for Jamie were in the form of gift cards. That's because she lives in Pennsylvania and lugging a bunch of gifts home was to be alleviated.
Mike designed these first two cards and made the kits for the girls to assemble. My photography doesn't do this justice because on the left side of this picture there is an embossed thank you.
This was Mike's second card. This thank you was stamped as were the leaves.
Here is what each kit looked like for my pinwheel card. I made the first pinwheel so that they could use it as an example for the others.
Here is the finished card. There are little brads holding them on and then a colored square of paper is glued over the inside brad backs.
Here is my second kit.
They could put their leaves anywhere they wanted and were given four adhesive backed leaves.

It was fun and a gab session too. There was a bit of a bummer that happened yesterday. Jamie's fiance went over his handle bars on a long bike ride yesterday and broke his shoulder. He is an avid biker, even watching the Tour de France in the winter on his stationary bike. We are hoping he won't have a sling for the wedding that is in five weeks.

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dee said...

That's an interesting question. We only have a couple of windmills out on the very eastern end of the island in the vineyards. Now I wonder about the birds too.
Such a sweet idea for a shower-I think I may steal it for one I have coming up in the spring. Thanks Tommy!