Friday, October 23, 2009

They Are Making It Pretty Easy For Us

One of the things that got purged yesterday,in one closet, was wine. I have collected so much wine over the years that I would have to go to Napa Valley to see as much. I keep the good stuff in a cool location on it's side but frankly, I don't care how good the stuff is, if I don't like the kind, I won't drink it.
This trunk full of bottles constitute about one third of the stuff I have on hand. I boxed it (or bucketed it) and put it in my trunk with the idea in mind that I could not come home until I got rid of it. Some of the bottles date back to the eighties, without sediment of any kind lurking in the bottom. I first thought of leaving it at the community center where we have a library that you can add to or take from, no money or signatures needed. I thought I'd put the wine there and say on a sign, 'free for the tasting!' before I pictured the preschool class in the same location helping themselves and the look on the parents face when a four year old came home with a bottle of Pouilly Fuisse. Then, a call to a friend with a business and employees and voila! I had a taker. It ended up being earmarked for baskets of goodies for an auction that is coming up next month. I was elated; so much so that I stopped by my local library to see what I couldn't live without.
It ended up being a Playaway. Ever heard of this? It was new to me and I go to the library at least twice a week. These are complete unabridged recordings of a single book that is housed in a secured old vcr case,

padded on one side and directions on the other. You take it up to the checkout desk and they unlock the case, open it up, place a AAA battery in it, give you a free strap for your neck (that you get to keep),
bid you good day, letting you have up to five of these for three weeks. It's smaller than my palm, about the size of a tic tac container. It's as if they are TRYING to get us to read (or a facsimile of reading). This just might work. What will they think of next.


spikemuffin said...

You can make a true wine afficinado cry!

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