Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Today, let's go back to the Barn. I am finishing up the final work that I did there and will have it faced and finished, hopefully tomorrow. I am also finishing up odds and ends to do before my quilting friends come for the weekend and then G and B and I take off for the south next week.
I wanted to show you this piece of fabric I made. It was by far my favorite and it is comprised of three strips of 1/4", 3/8",1/2",5/8" and 3/4". I could have started at 1/8" but I am not very good at the very small seams so I didn't. When you look at this piece up close, it looks like velvet. I had an idea while I was in that just waking up twilight of making massive amounts of this fabric and then doing one of my Tune quilts out of it. I think that it would be grand.
I would like to share Mary's work with you from the barn. She was there on independent study and did her own thing while sharing the community of ideas and gab. I had the pleasure of using the cutting table right next to her work space and so got to know her a bit.

There she is, on the far right of her space, talking about how she made several like designs, tackling some color choices she wouldn't normally choose and then cut them and rearranged them to make another piece. It was very interesting to see her work. I think she said she was gonna be at the barn for three weeks. That means she's still there!

On another note, my niece, just had a baby boy, John Patrick and they are gonna call him Jack. She is the sister of the bride to be I had the shower for last week. At that time she said that the doctor thought she would be having the baby in a month or so. He was so wrong. Mother and baby are just fine and now no one will miss the family wedding!!!!

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dee said...

Don't you just love it when nature makes life more convenient. Everything falls into place just right.
Congrats to the lovely new Mommy & Daddy.