Thursday, October 08, 2009

What's Goin' On

The download here is so slow that I can go to the lobby and get coffee and come back and it is barely posting one picture. I am running late due to listening to my neighbors in the next room all night fight. It was fun and now I am trying to keep my focus.
Day one in Strip Piecing we made strips of fabric with different dimensions from selvage to selvage. As you can see, I pinned my black with white in the center (with white getting progressively wider) and on top of that and slightly lower I pinned the opposite, white with black getting progressively wider in the center. We then proceeded to cut these up to make
two compositions; one
to read as a Check composition, of which you can see mine here and the other to read as a Plaid
and you can see my rendition of it here. There was a stipulation that you couldn't add any filler fabric; only our original fabric we made from the black and white were allowed.
Tuesday and yesterday we had assignments for, at first 15 fabrics to be made, following instructions as to what value, etc. Then six more were given to us
and so far I have made four of them. At days end yesterday were were given at more to do, those involving print rather than solid fabric. We shall see how today evolves. It's been lots of fun and very interesting as compared to past classes. This is actually the first class most people take when they come to the barn. I guess I didn't go in order because I have had at least five before now. As for Nancy, she is what she is. Obviously with several classes of hers under my belt, I definitely think she's the best. I gotta run.


dee said...

I really like the first B&W very much. Glad you're having fun.

Teresa said...

Keep the pictures coming! Love experiencing the workshop through your eyes. Some day......