Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Wit And What?

I am heading out this morning for the 6+ hour drive for aStrip Piecing I and ll five day class at the Barn at Nancy Crow's.
We meet at about 4 to set up our area and it's good to be there when this is happening or you kinda get stuck with the quirky tables. By six p.m. we are having a fine meal prepared in the barn's kitchen by Margaret Wolf a great cook who actually lives in the state of Washington but comes to the Barn for a couple months a year to feed us hungry quilters. Following that, we go to our hotels, bed and breakfast, or where ever we are staying until the morn where we start a week of very demanding art. I am ready to hit the fabric!!!!

We stayed at a new hotel in the city that has everyone buzzing about it. G decided we should just check it out because it doesn't take dogs and we normally travel with our little girl but weren't this weekend. It's called The Wit and I should have taken a picture of the front because it's kinda cool looking and so I will post this website so you can see photos.

Check out picture fifteen of 21. Notice the metal structure to the right of the hotel? It is THE 'L' !!!!! Bad location to be sure if you want a quiet spot to rest your weary bones. G and I took separate modes of transportation because I needed to be in town a bit early to spend time with the girls and G had to put in a couple hours of work. He called when he had checked in and said that it was loud. I assumed he meant my side of the conversation, considering I was surrounded by 20+ women but no, he said the hotel was so loud, having been placed directly next to the 'L' track. We originally were to be on the 9th floor and that was swiftly changed to the 19th which ended up to be perfect. When you get off the elevator there is the sound of birds chirping and I am a guessin' that the purpose of the sounds was to distract from the train noise. At least for me, it worked.

I entered the room and was immediately impressed by the fiber art on the wall. You certainly
don't see this type of art in any run of the mill flop house. Pretty cool, eh? Here is a close up
of the three dimensional piece that is on the wall over the headboard. As you know, if you know me at all, you know that I e delight in all the little things that are different.
This little sticker (about 2" round) secured the toilet paper's end. All's well and good for a blog experience, but when you need paper and have to wrestle with the sticker to secure your needed amount of tp, it gets to be not as cute as originally thought.
One of the several pieces of art in the room took me a bit of head bending and thought to realize that whether you look from the left or right the words still say Big Bang. Someone has lots of time on their hands. More importantly, there should be a little card under the frame stating what the idea of it was. If I had looked at it at midnight when we got to the room I would have never figured it out.
This bathroom sconce was cool because it was covered with real chains on the outside. Unfortunately the sink in the same room was one of those flat Kohler sinks that splash like you wouldn't believe. They should have tested that before putting it in a million rooms.
The claim to fame of this hotel is the rooftop bar with outside seating. Maggie's law office is a couple blocks away so she came over to say hi before we headed to the wedding so we went up to the roof to check out the sights. It was packed with the young and restless and it wasn't much after five p.m.. I did get to snap off a photo of one side of the view. Not bad, considering it was raining. I didn't know it was raining, so we went from the top of the building (27th floor) to the 19th (ours) in the elevator to get our umbrella. Before the elevator door closed, in walks Shawn Johnson, Olympic gold medal winner and more importantly to me, winner of last seasons Dancing With The Stars.
She was accompanied by a taller and very rail thin woman, that could have been her mother or coach or I don't know. She was right next to me (and didn't come up to my shoulder and I am 5'3") and I told Maggie who she was and she looked like I had rocks in my head and then I saw that a light went on in her eyes and she whispered that she read that an Olympic gold medal winner named Johnson was to give a speech with Scotty Pippen (an old Chicago Bulls player in the era of Michael Jordan) to promote the Olympics. A lot that did for we made the first Olympic cut, but I will continue. The woman and Shawn were still in the elevator when we got off at our floor. We retrieved the umbrella and promptly re-entered the elevator and who was in there but, not Mark Ballas, her professional partner who took the twinkling disco ball trophy for winning top spot on DWTS with her, but none other than

Corky Ballas, leaning on the elevator wall with a black suit, black shirt and a skinny white tie, reading his WHITE !!! iPhone with much squinting. In the season before his son's win, he just happened to be paired with Cloris Leachman, who lasted longer than she should have. We were heading to the lobby (Ground floor) but at the 4th floor the door opened and there was the winner of DWTS, Shawn Johnson and her older companion, very obviously waiting for Corky, who then joined them.

The saga ends there because we were on the verge of being late for the wedding ceremony and Maggie was late for her train home. What's going on with this scenario? What are you thinking?

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