Sunday, November 29, 2009

Double Stuff

I have had the pleasure of sharing the last four days with my sis Mike. We long ago decided we needed some US time and the Thanksgiving weekend was just the ticket. Our brains went in a million tangents and we had fun and accomplished much. I shouldn't make that past tense; sorry Mike (she's still here). Thinking back on the last coupla' days I would say the standouts would be the vigilance of getting to JoAnn Fabrics well before noon on both Friday and Saturday to take advantage of the 50% off a single item as well as all the sales that were standout on their own (50% rotary blades to name one!!) and the additional 20% of the entire purchase, sale or no. I know the wonderful gals at JoAnn's think I am nuts and you know? Maybe they are right but I can not pass up a great sale; nor can Mike.

We have sewn, cleaned (no, that was someone else), shopped, baked, tried new crafts, raked the leaves (no, that was someone else) and we still have a day to kill.

The young gals of the family have a simple recipe for a quick sweet that shows up on the dessert table for all the get together's and I decided it was time to try my hand at it.
Three simple ingredients are all you need; a pack of oreo's, softened cream cheese and almond bark.
First, a package of the cookies go into the food processor to pulverize (I don't think that's an actual cycle) and then add the softened cream cheese. This mix goes into the refrig to cool (let's say an hour or a little less) and then you take them out and roll into balls about the size of a chocolate covered cherry and then pop back in to get cold.
In the mean time, melt the almond bark over a water bath or nuke in the micro to a melted consistency.
Retrieve the balls out of the refrig.
Check out that your bark is melted and stir to remove lumps.
Now the tricky part; making them attractive. We tried toothpicks, spoon transfer, fork transfer (which worked the best) and then we thought a drizzle of white chocolate would cover any flaws. This preparation took several attempts. First we needed a squirt bottle (the kind with a pointed cap that you cut the tip off). We tried the dollar store. 34 bucks later, and lots of stuff that we REALLY needed, we headed off across the street to CVS in the hopes that the hair department would sell the bottles. Nope. So when I went back to the car Mike said that she would go back in and get the box of her hair dye (I know, you thought her hair color was natural) and we could use the bottle in the box. She soon came out. They didn't have her color (drab brown). We headed home.

In the pantry we took a mustard bottle and dumped the mustard. We cleaned the container to a pristine condition. I melted the chocolate and it went into the mustard bottle. Nothing came out. I ended up with a fork and drizzled it on. That was such a waste of time but oh so fun. Then the worst thing ever happened.
An oreo without any stuff. We were definitely jinxed.


Karen said...

What about the ziploc bag trick? Put your frosting or whatever inside the zbag, close it up and snip the corner with a scissors. Squeeze it and depending on how big the snip, you can drizzle anything. One more thing, the easiest way to get something into the bag is to drape it inside of an empty mug...fill...and you're good to go.

bonnie said...

I don't see the filling in the oreos after you processed them? Did you remove the filling, or eat it :)? I will try these...thanks - love watching you cook.

dee said...

wow do those sound good. I will make these tomorrow for a gift I need to make.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I clipped the coupons for Joann's for Friday. Woke up and decided I'd just forget it and go back to sleep. Did the same thing Saturday. I knew you'd be there though.
Reminds me of our first morning at New Smyrna Beach - you and Suzie hit all the stores before I even woke up!

Anonymous said...

You could try using the small tongs that come with an ice bucket.
Looks like they would work perfectly for these little thingys.