Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Graces

The Blessing of the Animals took place on Sunday. It doesn't look like Bella is paying too much attention to Father and was a bit miffed when the holy water came out in more than a sprinkle. I even got doused for good measure. She is looking at G to rescue her. There was a banner turnout for this yearly event. There were lots and lots of dogs there as well as a bird that nipped the nose of a dog that got too close to the cage. There was a bit of a scuffle with some big dogs that were invading each others space.
I forgot to tell you about the knife situation. As we prepared to go home last spring, I decided to take my kitchen knives (all 17 of them) back up north to get them sharpened at my favorite cutlery place. I got them sharpened and put them in the trunk where they remained for five months until I took them out to pack up for my class at the Barn. I forgot to put them back when I got home and so they are in the garage up north. I had not one knife to use so I had to resort to purchasing one for the time being. Living in a one knife household is not an easy thing to do.

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dee said...

I know what you mean about the knives. Nothing beats a good knife in the kitchen(not the garage( and it pays to buy good ones.
Thanks for the recipe for the Key Lime pie. It's not like fresh but I found Joe's Key Lime juice from Key West and it's a pretty good substitute. I'm doing desserts for Thanksgiving and some people don't like pumpkin so I think I'll do a Key Lime for the rest of the crew.
Bella does look desperate.