Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Stuff

Take a look at my other darling niece. Our little Bea just got back from having her hair done (which Bella gets done today) and had to show her Aunt Tommy how pretty she looks.

I have spent several hours deciding what to make for the Thanksgiving feast and decided that along with my regular 'have to bring' Chicken Pesto Pasta, I have chosen the following:
roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower gratin

and for a dessert, a pumpkin cake roll.

I like to try new recipes and there is nothing better than to try them out with a big group. But I have to tell you, last years dessert was so good, I can still taste it.

Here is where you can see last years cake -

This week, it's all about the food.

Plus, I have this goin' on.


dee said...

Those must be the Christmas pillows. really have a load of postage there. How wonderful to be a giftee though. Have a great Thanksgiving

dee said...

I forgot the most important part-Bea looks so darling. Like cotton candy!

Cousin Bea said...

Thanks to all in advance for your kind comments. I didn't want my picture taken at that moment, but I let her do it. I prefer to be photographed with my red boa wrapped around my big head!

spikemuffin said...

Looking forward to "this". Can you freeze that chicken pesto for 12/6?

Cousin Bea said...

The pumpkin roll sounds great. Our favorite restaurant has a pumpkin newton that is very good. Make that please, for Christmas. Thank you.
Bill (your brother)

Irene said...

Bea looks absolutely adorable, as always. After reading some of those recipes, I'm wondering if you are related to Paula Deen? lol

QuiltingFitzy said...

I wait for the pillow post probably as much as the recipients wait for their pillows! Can't wait.Can't wait.Can't wait!!!