Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hi O

I am blessed by having wonderful friends (you are included in that). One of those friends has a beautiful and sweet Huskie named Silver. Silver is getting
old (like all of us) and is starting to have kidney failure. I asked my friend Anne if she would like to have Bella for part of Thanksgiving, more to have a nice diversion for Silver. Otherwise Bella was gonna spend quality time with her cousin Chai. I talked with Anne and told her that she could just let me know. I woke up this morning to an email from Silver
and it said, "Can Bella come play tomorrow?" How sweet is that?


Beth in TN said...

Aww...poor old puppy. She looks sweet. I hope Bella brings some joy to her day.

dee said...

Oh that's so sweet. Silver is still a handsome pup no matter what the age.
I hope you all have a special celebration. We are going to James in-laws to be. They are a fun group and an enormous Italian family. Lots of goodies to look forward to but the one that sticks out for me-stuffed artichokes. Oh the yumminess...
They have James figured out completely. When I asked what I could bring Dani's Mom told me to bring the mashed potatoes and gravy since James nearly wept when he didn't have his traditional mashed potatoes with the gravy lake last year. Good Italian is wasted on that guy-that's ok, I'll have his portion......heeee.
Someday his wife will stab me in my sleep for that and many other things.
I'm off to get the Yukon Golds

Cindra said...

what a sweet faced dog!