Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Do

My niece and her new husband are honeymooning so I had better show you some photos before I lose sight of the event. The wedding and reception took place in a museum; yep, a museum.
So, thankfully there were things older there than me!!! These aisle vases and candles were very lovely.
All of these lovely ladies are my nieces and sisters of the bride, except for the tall one. She is the sister of the groom. They kept it all in the family!!!
Ella, the first granddaughter (and as it happens, her mother is the brides twin!), was the flower girl but was sick as she could be so she was carried down the aisle by her dad. He wanted to get into the wedding procession and by golly, he made it!!!
Jamie was escorted down the aisle by her mom (G's big sis) and dad.
The vows were exchanged, as were the rings and now it was time to party!!!
My son in law asked how old to you have to be to not be at the kids table. At the time I didn't know what to answer but since I have the perfect comeback; when you have a kid to take your place!!!!! Not bad, huh? This is my kids table.
The first dance.
The menu.
The salad. In between these two pictures should be my beef entree but I forgot to take a pic.
My sister Mike and my daughter Maria clowning around as they took their rightful place at the
dessert martini bar. The innards of these cocktail glasses were cheesecake that you put your own toppings on.
I forgot what this dessert was; some truffley thing?
Alfajores - don't have a clue as to these but the groom's family is from Columbia, South America so that might be a hint.
Mini apple pies.
Chocolate mousse with chocolate cake and chocolate sauce - definitely for the chocolate lover (that's four chocolates in one line - counting this one it's five).
The flowers of the maids.
The brides flowers along with a guest book and this long thin vase was actually the 'box' for the cards (or rather money!).
No wedding is complete without the electric slide.
Nor should any celebration be without a comparison of blisters from too rarely worn very high heels.
At the wee hours of the morn I caught my SIL slipping away with her hydrangea centerpiece. I decided not to make a citizens arrest. A good time was had by all.

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dee said...

Beautiful. Thanks for showing the goodies. Your dress is so pretty. That blue is amazing.