Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's Go Clubbing

It seems like all we have done since we got to Florida is walk, and eat. There are always different restaurants from year to year. Either they change management, menu or everything. We feel it is our duty to scope out the bad and assess the new. So far, we have given the nod to a couple places. Tuesday we found a new italian restaurant that was definitely to my liking. I had veal marsala and the veal was NOT overcooked. I usually use calamari fritti as my parameter to see how the kitchen cooks; the norm is overdone. It wasn't on the menu, plus, I am kinda sick of it. And the people we were out with had clean plates so that's a good sign. Also, not wanting to weigh yourself come morning is also a sign. Last night we went to a golf club that is not regular in having it's dining room open. I guess this place has been operating as a golf course but the rumor is that the food service is sketchy if at all. All but one of us got a rib eye and it was the biggest one I ever saw. Needless to say, guys were all happy even if they had a little green fur on the top. (That was a what if; no green fur). Food rating? Just okay.

You know me, I am a sucker for decor, so right away I was enamored with this wreath of old golf clubs. Every single golf course should have one of these rather than the stupid basket of fake flowers and flowing fake fern. I swear, there is not a woman around when the decor of golf clubs is decided. Is it possible that there is a fake mallard duck in captivity that has not been designated to the hearth in a club?

These are very old as you can see but it would be equally impressive without the antique status. I just love the idea. Spread the word. I say no more.
I looked down to get my ipod (I have four) and was actually embarrassed by the sight of my need for entertainment. The white 30G ipod is barely there, being six years old. The gold is for music and can't hold a book on tape because of it's small capacity. One of the black ones are for books on tape (iPod Touch 32G) and the other is my iPhone. Both of those are a must have for filling idol time in a queue, in a waiting room or in a boring mass. Did I say that?

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SandyQuilts said...

DH is wanting the iPhone. If you have a break from eating/walking would you tell me why you like it? or don't like it?