Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lobster Ravioli

I wasn't gonna blog this even tho' I wanted to because it was fantastic to the taste but my blogging skills with pictures and even following the recipe was clearly not accurate but then I thought, hell, if it works for me, it'll work for you.
All I had was lobster (two tails) and I was having six for dinner. What to do, I asked myself? So I googled epicurious, recipes, and food network and chose the Lobster Ravioli with Crabmeat Sauce from the food network.
I rolled out the pasta with my trusty homemade pasta maker, made the innards for the ravioli and
put the ravioli together and par boiled them, just short of al dente. Then the guests came and as I have my kitchen set up, the guests sit on chairs over the counter where I am at the stove. I didn't think this up; the footprint of the kitchen was there when we bought the place, It was just there and when we renovated, I didn't change the floor plan of the kitchen. So, I usually leave part of the cooking to do while my guests have a beverage and an appetizer while I struggle to finish my dish. I did so, but I forgot to get cognac and so I substituted sherry (that was okay) and then I felt like the sauce ( no picture - sorry) was too little so I added this and that of the ingredients (mostly cream and tomato sauce) to get more volume. It ended to be the bomb, a big hit and I even was thrilled with it. Next day I am looking in the refrig and see ricotta and think, what was that for? Then remembered that that was what the sauce was missing. I will try it again with the cheese but I am here to tell you, that lobster ravioli was a great recipe. I am still burping it up, which is a good sign, right?

We are going back up north for a family wedding and then the holidays. So, we have to say goodbye to beautiful weather and great new friends to spend equally wonderful times with northern family and friends. In Martha's words, it's a good thing.

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