Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shoe Worthy

My mission yesterday was to try out Micky's golf shoes. We met up for cocktails on Thursday p.m. after I arrived home and I got my assignment. I got a pair of brown size 6 and this lime pair of 6.5 sized golf shoes.
I didn't even bother to try the brown ones on because the green fit and why try and get into something that I know will be too small? I left on my trampy red shoes to show you the difference in the wedge heel. I don't even have to put in my orthotic in the wedge because it props up my high arch enough that it feels fine. That in itself has a lot of merit. Also, it makes me appear taller and now that I am shrinking from 5'3" to barely visible, every millimeter counts.
Gore loves the color and wants a pair himself but I have advised him that he will have to trade his car in for a pimp mobile.

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Cindra said...

Gore might like a pimp mobile.. you can put a lot of things in one and Bella would love it.