Monday, November 09, 2009

Step It Up

Unfortunately, the stuff I am working on right now is either super secret or just boring monotonous repetition so I will show you something different instead.

A topic near and dear to my heart; my lively hood - STAIRS. These are not the typical stairs that keep me in fabric and probably would not pass some of the standards and codes that a typical fire escape stair would be held accountable for. These stairs are from some wild and crazy guys that have imaginations that create unique and magnificent works of art.
How about this stair that doesn't touch the floor.
And another.
This is a stair case with both the view from the top and the bottom.
You have to look closely and see that one side of these steps are anchored in the wall, or otherwise it looks like they are floating.
I wouldn't suggest going down these steps after a cocktail party!!!
I wouldn't venture on these stairs with even the idea of a cocktail party in my brain!!!!


Anonymous said...

That last one is like a nightmare I once had!

Cindra said...

Those are really neat... works of art.

Beth in TN said...

Anonymous--you too? I have nightmares all the time about steps. Usually where they give way before I can reach the top. What does that mean in dream interpretation??

Renee said...

Wow... i really love those stairs. Some people are just so creative, it can kill you. Thanks for sharing!

Corky said...

Oh, I love hearing you're working on "super secret" stuff because that means we must be getting closer to the pillow reveal and I look forward to that every year!