Monday, November 30, 2009


Can I ever explain how silly I feel in not doing the baggie/little hole/drizzle that Karen suggested in yesterday's blog comments? I have done it a thousand times and never even considered this easy, familiar and time saving alternative. But then, as I just thought, I wouldn't have had the interesting day I had. But, as PJN knows, it's one of those DUH moments that can be embarrassing and that feeling is oh so familiar to me. Also, the exact thought about where does the white center of the oreo go when in the food processor occurred to me Bonnie. It just goes away. I guess the cookie part is overwhelming and it takes over the color because you throw the whole cookie in and it ends up being very dark. See, great minds think alike !!!!

It was lesson time this weekend. Mike taught me that I know nothing about power point or excel. I picked something a bit easier to grasp and gave her a mini tutorial on paper piecing.

She took to it like a fish in water. A seam ripper was at the ready and she succumbed to the typical quilter folly of using too small of a piece of fabric for the job (It's only fabric !)

but she did a knock out job. We chose this block (which I enlarged to 200%) because I wanted to play around with it to see if I could get it big enough to use for a fund raiser next year to make a
decent sized quilt without making 500 blocks. I am still working on that.

While checking out the Food Network Magazine (it's pretty good if you like that sort of thing) we saw a wreath made out of marshmallows and thought that we definitely needed to do that.
Over 500 toothpicks went into the styrofoam and 4 bags of the big marshmallows and a scattering of smaller ones (I already had on hand) and with Mike working one side and me the other
we knocked this out in record time. It was easy as can be. I have learned a lesson from this endeavour; some marshmallows are sticker than others. Try and chose the dryer ones. It makes the project so much faster when you don't have to wash your hands every thirty seconds.
I have it on the table to dry up a bit and Miss Bella could not stand the temptation. She wanted to get to that wreath in the worst way. All day long she struggled with various ways to arrive at her destination. She failed miserably.


dee said...

A friend gave me that magazine last year and I've really enjoyed it. Lots of good ideas and good instructions. The Tortilla Soup was excellent even though I can't leave anything alone and added a couple of things. I have an uncontrollable tweaking impulse.
The wreath looks really cute. AWE..Poor Bella.

Cousin Bea said...

I am thinking about how to fit that in between two graham crackers with about 40 hershey bars