Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What We Do On Road

This is just some of the stuff we googled today. I found out who got kicked off DWTS and who stayed. The finalists are Kelly Osborne, Donny Osmond and Mya. The loser is a model/playboy chick named Joanna. She is better than Kelly but not as popular. I am happy with the outcome.

While watching tv last night I saw that ABC is having a new reality show about finding your birth parents. It's a weird concept and somehow seems illegal. Oh well.

we saw a advertisement for a microfridge and looked it up and there actually is one. You can figure out the concept.
We spent many minutes trying to remember Mondale's running mate for President. I could picture her in my brain but couldn't remember anything about her name. Can you remember?

Geraldine Ferraro.

Something else we looked up while talking about Cher and her daughter/son Chaz was what did the little toe head Elijah Blue Allman look like now. Here he is and he is a musician.
We (G and me) had questions about Eric Clapton and as to whether he had any other kids besides the little four year old Conor, that accidentally fell out of a skyscraper window when he was four. Eric is married. He and his wife, Melia, have three daughters - Julie Rose (b. June 2001), Ella Mae (b. January 2003) and Sophie (b. February 2005). The couple married on 1 January 2002.
Eric’s eldest child is his daughter, Ruth (b. January 1985).
His son, Conor (b. August 1986), died on 20 March 1991 when he fell from a window in his mother’s New York City apartment.

We heard this term used in regards to the current going's on within the cast of Grey's Anatomy.
Jumping the Shark is
a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on water skis. Thus was labeled the lowest point of the show.

We also discussed Scientology, Sarah Palin, Fort Hood, whether to have Subway or Hardees for lunch and a constant on the road discussion of how Bella can go 12 hours or more on travel day and never take a squirt or attempt a number two. Lesser topics were armadillos, 2012 (the movie), how there are a lot more Michael Jackson songs on the radio now that he is dead, the unbelievable amount of cop cars on the road (we decided it was well over 30) and the fact that G has one friend on facebook. That is so sad. I told him I would ask him to be my friend but he felt that it would be a mercy play and everyone (and he said EVERYONE) would know I did it just to make my numbers look better. I didn't tell him that if he only has one friend, that there isn't anyone out there that is following him anyway. So sad.


dee said...

There was a web site called jump the shark that listed every program and when it jumped. Don't know if it still exists. Tell G not to feel bad. I am a dedicated Luddite-hate twitter, facebook, most things computer etc. So there is always someone that's sadder than him....I refuse to give up one more minute of life to anything electronic....grrrr
You really had a busy conversation there. Lots of interesting stuff.
Love, love, loved Eric Clapton from the very beginning-saw him in concert-fabulous.
Hope Chaz is happier.Totally forgot Elijah Blue. Saw Geraldine on a news program recently-she looks good.
Grey's Anatomy sucks big-time. I find them all annoying and too infantile to watch+ the writing is worse than the worst soap. Loved it but no Hardees left around here-Scientology and Sarah Palin scare me, Michael Jackson made great music...nuff said.
Miss Bella travels well!

I'm still painting -hated the color I painted the other day-on to the next one.
Yours truly, Captain Crankypants

Renee said...

Saw the commercial for the abc reality show and thought the same thing... many people don't want to be identified or reminded of something so painful.

Re the microfridge... they sell/rent them at most colleges in the US. They are great for dorm rooms and freeze better than the average dorm fridge they sell at Target and BedBath&Beyond.

Can you tell I have sent two to college :-)..

Cindra said...

Isn't it amazing that you can google while you drive now? Think of all the conversations that you used to have where you could never get the answers to your questions! Is this a bad thing? Not making our brains work as hard? Will they shrink from too much googling? hmmmm....

spikemuffin said...

I'm sure Subway won that battle!