Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Animal Planet

The last thing that Bella barked at when we were leaving for parts south was a deer. We didn't even notice it but even if we did, it is such a common sight that I barely turn my head anymore. I remember when I was young, I never saw a deer. Now they are prancing on the beach, playing in the water and playing in the sand.
At any given time, Bella will be up on the sewing table and start barking and I look to where she is looking and sure enough, there will be a deer or two or three frolicking in a yard across
the street. For example, Bella has her head out the window barking her head off and this deer, doesn't even flinch. I stays there, moving a tiny bit,
and finally we left, the deer having held out the stare down longer than we did. These deer are so domesticated and used to humans and cars that around our house they don't even get startled or spooked so there is rarely if ever a car and deer incident.

We have arrived in Florida with nary an incident; no accidents, a few cops, not tons of traffic and not crazy drivers. It was pleasantly uneventful. I passed the time sewing and perusing through the end of the year People Magazine, my scholarly periodical. I came across this article about TeaCup Pigs

and read the paragraph to G. It is as follows: Selling for up to $4,500 each, mini pigs became this year's maltipoo.Celebs like Paris Hilton and Harry Potter star Rupert Grint have both adopted them. The puppy like pig pets are incredibly easy to train, says U.K. breeder Jane Croft, who has a waiting list for the micro pigs and is getting 150,000 hits a week. Gordon said, who would want one of those? I would like a dozen, please.

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